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Mens 4/3 GRADUS Retro Smoothie Wetsuit

Mens 4/3 GRADUS Retro Smoothie Wetsuit




GRADUS: from Latin retrogrades, from retro ‘backwards’ + gradus ‘step’

Live Water collaboration with OCN Culture Gradus Retro Smoothie Wetsuit providing warmth and style throwing back rubber to the roots of modern surfing and built with today’s technology.

• Wetsuit Color: Black
• Neoprene Material: Sheico 4-Way Stretch/ Smoothie
• Construction: Blind-Stitched/ Double Glued/ Reinforced Heat Dots at all high stress points.
• Melco Tape on high stress points/ reinforced hand tape around crotch and butt seam.
• Inner Jersey: Temple Gold
• Batwing Flood Gasket
• Release Hole: for back area drainage
• Kneepads: Durable Kneepads
• Flush Cut around wrists/ ankles.
• YKK Zipper:  Nylon Pull Cord/ Hidden Zipper
• Key Pocket: Neoprene cover with bungee.


    The material used to make this wetsuit is high quality and constructed with utmost care, however it is imperative that you read, understand, and follow the care instructions below.

    • Avoid any contact with sharp or rough objects.
    • Don’t use excessive force when putting on or taking off the wetsuit.  Don’t pull suit on with finger tips, use palms to pull suit up.
    • Rinse in cool fresh water after use and drip dry.
    • Don’t leave wetsuit exposed to high temperatures.
    • Keep out of direct sunlight.
    • Never tumble dry this wetsuit.
    • Smoothie material is extremely delicate and can rip and tear if not taken care of appropriately.

      *If you are borderline on Sizing, go up one size larger.

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