Visit either of our locations, the historic 'Avillas Barn' in the heart of Stinson Beach or downtown Fairfax. Stop by for a taste of "aloha" and experience the sweetness of Live Water Surf and Skate! 






Live Water in Fairfax is open 7 days a week; Monday-Sunday 10-5


SHOP HOURS in Stinson


Monday- 10:00-5:00


Closed Tuesday/



Thursday- 10:00-5:00


Friday- 10:00-5:00


Saturday- 10:00-5:00


Sunday- 10:00-5:00


*Hours Are Subject To Change By Swell’s Discretion*



Serving ALOHA since 1978.

Need to call us?


Stinson - (415) 868 - 0333  


Fairfax - (415) 448-5994